Fish and shellfish have been a major part of Korean cuisine because of the oceans bordering the Korean peninsula. Both fresh and saltwater fish are popular, and are served raw, grilled, broiled, dried or served in soups and stews. Shellfish is widely eaten in all different types of preparation. They are used to prepare broth or eaten raw with chogochujang, which is a mixture of gochujang and vinegar.

Beach Live Fish Restaurant in Buena Park is a restaurant specializing in Korean seafood cuisine. This is a “Korean sushi” place.

We went there for a dinner and we got the giant plate of sashimi and a lot of side dishes. The sashimi (called hwae in Korean) is very fresh with the fish almost sweet. The fish is sliced very thin and fanned out on a large platter. The hwae can be eaten with a sauce or wrapped in a sesame leaves. I have never tasted sesame leaves before but it tasted good.

The side dishes are all very good and fresh as well.

The real winner is the mixed rice dish served in a sea urchin, with uni still inside. The most delicious part of the meal, the rice is sticky and the uni tasted very fresh and almost sweet. The presentation is perfect with the half sea urchin shell.

Rice in Sea Urchin

The service is great, we went there for a dinner and the place is packed with diners but we were seated within a few minutes, orders taken and drinks are at the table in about 10 minutes. It may have helped that we had a reservation and I went with Korean speaking colleagues.

They are located at 5440 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90621. I don’t think they have a website.

If you are into Korean fresh fish and seafood, this place is recommended.