Shiraz Restaurant & Banquet is one of the oldest Middle Eastern and Armenian restaurants in Glendale CA where there is a concentration of Middle Eastern and Armenian immigrants. They offer Persian cuisine and they have two locations; Glendale and Sherman Oaks.


The Persian or Iranian culinary style is unique to Iran, though has historically both influenced and has been influenced by Iran’s neighboring regions at various stages throughout its history. Specifically, these have been mutual culinary influences to and from Mesopotamian cuisine, Anatolian cuisine and specially the Central Asian Cuisine. Many foods famously associated with Middle Eastern cuisine have their origins in Iran, such as kebab and ice cream.


It includes a wide variety of foods ranging from chelow kebab (rice served with roasted meat: barg, koobideh, and soltani), khoresht (stew that is served with white basmati or Iranian rice), and a diverse variety of salads, pastries, and drinks specific to different parts of Iran.

I have been going to Shiraz restaurants for years. It houses a restaurant at the ground level and a banquet hall on the second level. The restaurant is richly decorated; the walls are painted with European garden murals. It also has a patio for al fresco dining.

After taking your order they start you with a plate of fresh herbs (mint, basil), chopped onions and pita bread with butter.

I normally order the kebab plates (beef shish kebab, chicken kebab, mahi mahi kebab, koobideh kebab). The koobideh kebab is really good, it is made with ground meat (chicken or beef) but I have only tasted the beef koobideh.It is mixed with spices then skewered and charbroiled. It is juicy and savory. I have tasted koobideh kebabs from other Middle Eastern restaurants but the one from Shiraz is one of the best.

The kebabs comes in a large bed of basmati rice and charbroiled tomato and bell peppers. Food portions at Shiraz are huge, you usually have extra food to go.

The service is also great. Dinner at weekends is usually crowded but they have enough servers to accommodate the large number of dinners. There’s usually a wait on your food during weekends but the wait is not very long. Overall, Shiraz is one of the best place to have Persian food in the area.

Shiraz is located at 211 South Glendale Ave., Glendale, CA.

Their website is