Boa Steakhouse located at Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is a contemporary American steakhouse.

Like most steakhouse in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills area, it is high end and pricey but they have fantastic food.

Boa Steakhouse has 2 locations in the LA region, West Hollywood at Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica. I and a group of friends went to the West Hollywood location to celebrate a birthday.

I had the organic chicken breast which is very good; it is moist, juicy and not dry at all. It is well seasoned and no salt is necessary. The skin is crispy and the meat is very tender.

The mushroom side dish is also very good. The mushroom suated, is tender,  well seasoned and not greasy at all.

While the food is great, some of the service is horrible. The wait staff is friendly and efficient but the management is horrible. We went there to celebrate a birthday and like most birthday celebrations you tend to stay for a while after the dinner. Somebody from Boa management came to tell us to move to the bar area because they needed the table for diners. We asked management for a reason and were told we were late for about 15 minutes. We would have understood if the place is packed but more than half of the table is unoccupied; it is rude to ask paying patrons to leave just because they are a little bit late.

Organic Chicken Breast

Going back to Boa or any of their restaurants? Highly unlikely. Me and my friends will not be patronizing the following restaurants that they own:

Katana, Chi Lin, Riva Bella, Sushi Roku, Delphine Eatery & Bar, Station Hollywood (all in West Hollywood)

Robata Bar in Santa Monica

Soleto Tratoria & Pizza Bar in Downtown Los Angeles.

Their website is www.innovativediningcom.  The West Hollywood location is at 9200 West Sunset Boulevard.