Cho Dang Tofu Restaurant in Cerritos, CA is a Korean restaurant serving Korean style dishes including bulgogi and specializes in beef and seafood tofu pots. The tofu pot is prepared with soft tofu called soondubu in Korean. It is a soup made with soft tofu and mixed with a choice of beef, and seafood.

I went there on a lunch time on a weekday and the place is packed mostly with Asian patrons. The restaurant is typical family owned restaurant, nothing fancy on the décor and the service is excellent with the servers always smiling and ready to help. The interior is authentically Korean with wooden tables.

Tried the seafood tofu pot and it is served in a small pot and piping hot. The soup is very flavorful and mildly spicy hot; you can have it prepared spicy or mild. I asked it to be made mild and it is perfect. It came with the usual banchan (side dish) which are also excellent. One of the banchan is a small battered fried fish which I have not seen in other Korean places before.

Ice cream dessert after the meal is free although it also taste like “it is free; it is soft serve ice cream after all.

The restaurant is excellent and very affordable.

They are at located at 12245 East Artesia Blvd., Cerritos, CA  90703.

Seafood Soondubo