Urarto Coffee in downtown Glendale is a family owned coffee house offering blended coffee, flavored tea, drinks, sandwiches and typical pastries found in coffee shops (bagels, brownies, croissants, and muffins).

I usually drop by on weekends to have a cup of coffee, sandwich and have a use of their free Wi-Fi. The owners are really friendly and give you great service all the time; it is like having a cup of coffee at your best friends place.

While the place needs some improvement on their décor (mismatched chairs and tables with the walls adorned with original paintings and works of art) their coffee is absolutely very good. Compared to the coffee at chain coffee houses, Urarto’s coffees is very smooth and not bitter at all. Their regular coffee is mild, all you can taste is the flavor of coffee; it is good quality coffee.

I usually order their croissant sandwich which is filled with scrambled egg cooked with a choice of meat like bacon or turkey. It is served piping hot and it is delicious.

If you like drinking coffee, Urarto Coffee is definitely recommended for their good coffee, tea and excellent service..

They are at located at 119 North Maryland Ave., Glendale, CA 91206. They are at the ground level of the public parking structure.

Website is www.urartotocoffee.com.