Cachi Coffee Co. in La Palma is a coffee house offering organic coffee drinks and panini sandwiches.

They are open for breakfast and for lunch but are close for dinner. Their coffee drinks include drip coffee, Northern Italian Expressions (Espresso and Cappuccino), Espresso, cold infusions (Starbucks type drinks), hot chocolates and hot tea.

While Cachi is a café offering coffee drinks, what is worth going back to are their panini sandwiches. I usually get the Chicken & Basil lunch panini which comes with the sandwich, green salad and a drink. This panini is really good; the foccacia bread is soft inside and crusty outside with the grill marks. The chicken breast is savory and tender, the basil is fresh so with the tomato slices and all the components blended very well.

Chicken Basil Panini

The classic Caesar salad is fresh and crunchy. The Romaine lettuce looks fresh and crunchy and so with the herb infused croutons.

Besides the food, the service is really exceptional with the staff very nice and they are really fast and quick which is good if you are in a hurry. I couldn’t say anything negative with Cachi except that they close at around 3:30 in the afternoon is which really early.

Cachi Coffee Co. is located at 10 Centerpointe Drive, La Palma, CA  90623.