Spencer’s Bistro in Buena Park is a new restaurant offering a fusion of Italian, French and European cuisine.

I went there for a lunch on a weekday and had one of their pasta dishes. The place is sparsely decorated; nothing fancy with tables, chairs and the walls are almost bare. You place your order at the cashier but your food is delivered to your table which makes Spencer’s Bistro a casual restaurant; fast-food/sit-down blend.

The kitchen is open and can be seen from the dining area which is a good thing as you can see how your food is prepared. The kitchen looks clean and neat.

Chicken Cacciatore Pasta

Ordered the Chicken Cacciatore Pasta which came with a slice of garlic bread. The bread is warm and toasty however the pasta dish is not very good. The tomato sauce is too much for the amount of pasta, the pasta is almost swimming with sauce. Besides the amount of tomato sauce, in my opinion the sauce is also cold and it looks and taste that it came from a can. The pasta is well prepared; aldente and warm. The chicken breast is moist and tasty.

The restaurant is new and maybe they can improve the food; will give them one more try.

 Spencer’s Bistro is located at 6084 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA  90620. It is near freeway 91 by the Orangethorpe off-ramp.

Their website is www.spencersbistro.com