A dish of Napoli Italian Restaurant was featured in Los Angeles Times on March 10, 2014 so I decided to check them out.

Located at Redlands Boulevard in Loma Linda, Napoli Italian Restaurant is a family owned restaurant offering typical Italian dishes. Went there on a dinner and ordered their Spaghetti Bolognese.

The place is in a strip mall and the first thing you notice is the décor. The place is dimly lit with old fashioned décor typical of family owned restaurants with stencil paintings on the walls, 70’s style ceiling lights, cheap oil paintings and carpeting with very busy design typical of casino carpets. The décor itself makes the restaurant a candidate for restaurant makeover at Food Channel Network.

Garlic Bread

While the décor is tacky, I was there for the food.  To gauge how good the food is I ordered the basic pasta dish Spaghetti Bolognese which came with garlic bread. The garlic bread is very flavorful but a little bit dry and chewy. The spaghetti is very good with the pasta cooked al dente. The portion is large and with the right amount of meat sauce. The sauce is well seasoned and warm when served.

The service is very good with the waiters very attentive and helpful. The restaurant may not have the best décor but the food is worth going back to.

Napoli Italian is located at 249 Redlands Boulevard, Loma Linda, CA. Their website is www.napoli-italian.com

Restaurant Lobby