Unlike New York, London and San Francisco, Southern California does not have a theater district. What we have are theaters all throughout the region. One of them is the La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts located in the city of La Mirada. It is a Broadway-style theater showcasing major musicals and plays like Cats, Les Miserable, major stage plays, musicals and concerts. It is also used for conferences and professional workshops.

La Mirada is a small city, a bedroom community southeast of Los Angeles County. La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts is one of the major if not the only attraction in the city. The Los Angeles Times heralded it as “one of the best Broadway-style houses in Southern California,” La Mirada Theatre is a state of the art theater in the 1970’s and remains so today with the help of the city. The city council is responsible for the construction and continued operation of the theater.


Went to see Les Miserables last weekend; it is a very good production with good actors and singers. The theater is located in a strip mall along with a supermarket and several fast food restaurants. Parking is abundant and free. It is not as big as the major theaters in Southern California but its size make it convenient and cozy. It may not be as big and grandeur as the Pantages but the level and quality of production is of the highest level. It sits almost 1,250 people.

The theater only has two levels and every seat has a very good view of the stage. Because the venue is not huge, even the seats on the side and the farthest from the stage have a good view of the stage unlike in bigger theaters where the farthest seats from the stage almost need a pair of binocular in order to see the stage.

The only dining option is Wendy’s Hamburgers, Taco Bell and IHOP; nothing fancy.

This theater may not have the grandeur of the Pantages or Dorothy Chandlier but for the price of the tickets it is a good alternative to see a Broadway musical or play.

The theater is located at 14900 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada CA, 90638 and their website is www.lamiradatheatre.com

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