Kasi Fresh Fast Indian is a small chain of restaurant based in San Diego offering Indian food. They have several locations in San Diego County and one in Florida. It is a fast casual restaurant where you place your order by the cashier and your food is delivered to your table.


Went to their Otay Ranch location for dinner; this location is in a shopping complex and did not have any problem looking for a parking spot. The restaurant is nicely decorated, it is modern and chic with the walls painted with earthy colors which are typical with Indian design. Tables and chairs are of dark wood.


While the design of the restaurant is and chic, their utensils are of fast food quality; paper plates, plastic fork and spoons. Service is very fast and efficient which is typical of fast casual restaurants.



I ordered the combination plate with Chicken Tika Masala and Aloo Gobi as entrée and came with Basmati rice. Aloo Gobi is made with potatoes and cauliflower in a savory sauce. Both dishes are heavy on the sauce with little chicken meat in the curry. Authentic Indian dishes are loaded with spices but not these two dishes. In my opinion these are “Americanized” and hardly Indian at all. The Basmati rice is barely warm which in my opinion is not freshly cooked but has been left sitting for a while and microwaved before it is served.

Chicken Curry & Aloo Gobi

Chicken Curry & Aloo Gobi


While the service is fast and efficient and has nice environment, Kasi is not a place to get authentic Indian food. It is good enough if you are in a hurry and do not mind bland Indian food but not if you want something more authentic.

Their website is www.kasifoods.com


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