The Habit Burger Grill is a chain of fast food restaurant offering burgers and sandwiches with the meat patty grilled over an open flame. The Habit Burger has beginnings in Santa Barbara, California in the late 1960’s with locations all over California. A lot of their restaurants are located in Southern California but some are also located in other western states.


I have visited a few of their locations in the Los Angeles area ordering the Charburgers which I was not impressed. Other than the grilled meat patty and caramelized onions, their burgers are ordinary. It is not as ordinary as McDonalds’ burgers but it is not comparable to In-N-Out burgers. The malt and specially the fries are ordinary as well.



Santa Barbara Style


The Santa Barbara Style Double Charburger though is anything but ordinary. It comes with 2 grilled meat patty, grilled onions, and slices of tomatoes, chopped lettuce, cheese and avocado on grilled sourdough. The grilled sour dough is crunchy, onions is sweet and savory and the avocado has the consistency of guacamole’ but with chunks of avocado. You may need some napkins as the avocado almost always falls every time you take a bite on the burger. This is the best burger I ever had.


The restaurants I have visited are always well kept and clean and the crew always serves you with a smile although you have to wait for your food at least 10 minutes after ordering. Your food is prepared after you order so your food is always freshly cooked.

To me this is the best burger place and next will be In-N-Out.

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