Brick and mortar bookstores have been disappearing since the start of Amazon which sells new and used books but one local bookstore in downtown Los Angeles is thriving.

The Last Bookstore which is located in an old bank building on the corner of Spring and 5th in right on the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The Last Bookstore is located in a gentrified neighborhood of downtown LA.

The place has the feel of a cathedral with its’ massive floor space, arched ceilings and tall columns. The place is massive with two floors filled with every kind of book you could find.




The ground floor is dedicated to books while the second floor is filled with all kinds of used books, works of art and artists studios. While the ground floor is very organized like your typical bookstore, the second floor is a jungle of used books sold at a dollar each. Some books are organized according to color (if you consider that organization). Aside from books, the second floor is also filled with folk art pieces, antiques and other “chic” things.


Aside from selling books and art pieces, the bookstore is also like a community center which hosts musical performances, neighborhood meetings and book and poetry readings.

Being located in a gentrified neighborhood, The Last Bookstore is a hit with “hip and artsy” folks. My only issue is the second floor which is a jungle; finding a specific book is like going thru a haystack to locate a needle but sometimes that’s part of the allure.

This is heaven for those who likes to read but are on a budget. If you love to read, culture and literature, The Last Bookstore is a definite destination but be sure to give yourself ample time to explore and browse the store. There is ample public parking and is not an issue.

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