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All India Café in Old Town Pasadena offers Indian cuisine from all over the subcontinent.

India is a large country with many different culinary traditions. The subcontinent has a wide variety of regional cuisines which varies significantly from each region due to its varied climate and wide range of soil type. Each region is influenced by the availability of produce, fruits and spices. Indian cuisine is also heavily influenced by cultural as well as religious traditions.

I have been going to All India Café for years usually for lunch as they have a special lunch menu. I usually get the Tandoori Chicken which is a bone-in half-chicken marinated overnight in sauce made with yogurt, herbs and spices. The chicken is skewered and cooked in Indian oven and served with marinated onions, mint chutney, wedge of lime and pickled vegetables (usually cauliflower). The dish is served hot in a sizzling platter. Sides of basmati rice and garlic naan are good sides for this dish.

Tandoori Chicken

They also have vegetarian dishes and their soups and salads are very good. I have ordered the Tandoori Fish Salad perhaps a hundred times which comes in a huge portion and good as a dinner or lunch itself. It is prepared with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, paneer ( home-made Indian cheese), chunks of marinated fish and tossed with a dressing.

The restaurant is relatively small and can get crowded at times but the service is really good. Most of the servers have been working there for years and are efficient and friendly. The place has high ceilings which makes the noise level at a minimum even when the place is crowded.

The place is clean with touches of Indian décor. All India Café is your typical independent restaurant where the décor is not done professionally but you will not be embarrassed to invite your friends and have a nice dinner or lunch.

They are located at 39 Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena right at the heart of Old Town Pasadena. Their website is www.allindiacafe.com.

All India Cafe

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