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Manila Sunset is a small chain fast-casual restaurant in Southern California offering Filipino cuisine. They serve Filipino food that are typically served in fast food Filipino restaurants such as chicken and pork barbeque, different versions of pancit which is the Filipino version of  chowmein, and other traditional Filipino favorite foods like different versions of lumpia (spring rolls), arroz caldo (rice porridge) and rice cakes.

If you are from the Philippines or have visited the country, you would know that the sunset at Manila Bay is stunning. This is probably where they got the name of the restaurant where the restaurant tagline is:


“We cannot promise to give you the grandeur of the famous sunset at Manila Bay, but only the authentic taste of the Philippine cuisine and the country’s legendary hospitality”.

I visited their location at Cerritos for lunch; the place is relatively clean and the service is good. There is a little wait for the food after ordering as they cook the food after you order.

Grilled Boneless Bangus Fish

I had the grilled boneless bangus (milkfish) which came with a cup of soup and served in a bed of rice. Milkfish is a very mild fish and usually marinated when grilled to give it a flavor. The menu indicates the fish is marinated but while the fish looks and taste fresh it is flavorless. The egg flower soup also has no flavor. There are condiments on the table you could use to add flavor to the food but in my opinion you should not be using condiments to add taste and flavor.

This is my first time to eat at Manila Sunset but the food I ordered is not very recommended, perhaps the other food in their menu is better. I will skip the grilled milkfish next time. The service is good which makes me want to go back.

Manila Sunset Cerritos


Their website is www.manilasunset.com.


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