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Murrieta’s Fine Mexican Food in Bonita, California is a sit down restaurant offering Mexican style dishes and beverages; antojitos, soups and salads, seafood/mariscos and deserts. The place is a typical family owned Mexican restaurant.


I have to Murrieta’s several times before and we went to Murrieta’s for a Sunday brunch which starts from 9 AM until 2 PM. There are several choice of plated dishes (huevos rancheros, huevos con chorizo, machaca, and Mexican style omelet’s) which comes with Mexican rice, beans, tortilla and a choice of coffee, Mimosa, champagne and orange juice.


As typical with Mexican restaurants, they start you with chips with dipping salsa; red and green which are very good. Besides the chips and salsa, they also give you pickled carrots and onions. The carrots are almost crunchy with mild vinegar taste and are perfect.


I had the Ortega Omelet which is made with two Ortega Peppers filled with cheese, topped with melted cheese as a sauce and came with rice and beans. The Ortega Peppers are not spicy hot but almost sweet. The cheese filling s very good however the sauce is too runny. Other than the runny sauce, the dish is passable.


The service is typical but nothing special, the servers are efficient. Ambiance is typical “family owned” restaurant, nothing edgy design.


They are located at 5170 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA and their website is www.murrietasbonita.com.


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