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Uptown Tavern located at Hillcrest district of San Diego is a combined bar and eatery offering diner type food infused with their own twist. It is located at University Avenue in the heart of Hillcrest, a gentrified district with a high concentration of bars, restaurants and trendy thrift-stores.

We went to Uptown Tavern for a Sunday brunch to celebrate a birthday. Like most establishment in the area, the place is a “re-purposed/gentrified” old building. The inside and outside design of the place is rustic yet modern and edgy which bodes well for its’ edgy clientele. The place can be noisy with numerous TV’s hanging on the walls.

Since it is brunch, I had the mimosa or I would say their version of mimosa which in my opinion is champagne with maybe a few drops of orange juice. It is not your typical mimosa which is good if you like champagne, not if you like real mimosa.


Biscuits N’ Gravy is what I had for the entrée which is made with gouda cheese biscuits, over easy eggs, bacon topped with generous gravy and served in a square dish. The gouda cheese biscuit is a dense bread with a hint of cheese; the bacon is soggy since it is topped with the gravy and the whole dish is barely warm. The menu says the dish comes with herb toasted red potatoes and fruit which were not served.

Overall, the food is not impressive if not downright mediocre.  Saving grace is the service from the crew which is excellent. Perhaps Uptown Tavern may be good as a bar but definitely not good for having a good bite.

They are located at 1236 University Avenue, San Diego, CA and their website is www.uptowntavernsd.com.


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