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DSCN1400Yasai Japanese Grill is a small chain of fast food restaurant in the Los Angeles area offering Japanese food with five locations. They offer Japanese Rolls, Teriyaki plates and bowls, sushi rolls and udon noodle bowls.

I visited their Norwalk location when I went to see a movie at the AMC 20 Norwalk theaters; the place is near the movie theaters which is very convenient when you want to grab a bite after the movies.

There is nothing special about the ambiance, the place has the look of a fast food place that is neglected. While they have a grade of “A” from the County Health Department, the place needs some cleaning and scrubbing. The tables and chairs certainly needs some wiping; the counter holding the drinks dispenser machine have seen better days and definitely needs to be replaced as it is falling apart.

The place may be fast food but the service from their cashier certainly can be better; maybe they are overworked as there’s only one person taking orders and preparing the salad. I have been there several times and you can tell the service crew is overwhelmed and no smile on their faces.


Chicken Breast Plate


While the place is not very appealing the food is great. I had the chicken breast plate which came with 2 salads, grilled chicken breast and a side of steaming white rice. The salads are great, sumi which is finely chopped cabbage and oriental which is a combination of baby greens. Both salads are fresh and crunchy with perfect amount of vinaigrette and crunchy chips. The chicken is very flavorful and tender; meat is thinly sliced beef. Rice is steaming white rice the type they used for sushi.

The Norwalk location is located at the Norwalk Civic Center; other locations at Cerritos, Long Beach, Placentia and Irvine.

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