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DSCN1412Spain Restaurant located at Echo Park, a district of Los Angeles is a family owned restaurant specializing in Spanish cuisine. They offer paellas and tortillas, tapas, bocadillos, sandwiches and dishes of seafood, pork, chicken and beef.

The décor is typical of a small family owned restaurant, nothing edgy but homey and cozy. The walls are painted with the colors of the Spanish flag; dark butter yellow with accents of red. Paintings and accents of Spanish motif adorns the walls. The place is located in a strip mall near an on-ramp to a freeway.




Milanesa Napolitana

The place may not be edgy but the food is excellent and very “home-cooked”. I had the Milanesa Napolitana which is breaded thin steak topped with a layer of thin ham, melted cheese and tomato sauce. While the meat is not very DSCN1416juicy, it is quite tender and flavorful. The dish came with a salad and warm bread and saffron rice. Overall, the dish is very good and perfectly prepared. The bread served at the start is really good as well, the bread skin is crunchy while the inside is very soft.

The service is not the best but not bad either. There was a wait before the server took my order but she was very nice and apologetic which deserved a good tip. The price is affordable for the quality and amount of food, only problem is parking; the place is on strip mall near the on-ramp of a free way and parking is really tight. The place is highly recommended if you are into authentic cuisine, not recommended if you are into fine dining and white table cloth; the place is a diamond on the rough.


They are located at 1866 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles. Their website is www.restaurantspain.net.


Spain Restaurant


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