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Grill City is a chain of fast food restaurant offering Filipino food and is located inside Seafood City, a chain of supermarkets offering Filipino and Asian groceries. Their menu is mainly grilled meat but also offer a variety of Filipino dishes and desserts.

I visited their new location in Tustin to sample their Halo-halo. This is a Filipino dessert made with shaved ice mixed with gelatin cubes, sweet red and white beans, pieces of jack fruit; milk is added and topped with custard (leche flan) and a scoop of ice cream. Halo-halo which is literally translated “mixed-mixed” is very popular in the Philippines especially during the hot months.


The halo-halo from Grill City is alright; in my opinion the ice shaving is quite large which is crunchy. A good halo-halo usually comes with finer ice shavings. It is topped with custard and 2 small scoops of Ube (purple yam) ice cream. There is too much ice shaving and not much sweet red and white beans, pieces of jack fruit and the other items that goes with making halo-halo. The size portion is large but then again most of it is shaved ice.

Grill City is located inside Seafood City supermarket which is all over California mainly in bigger cities where there is a concentration of Asians.

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