Citadel Outlet Stores is the only Outlet Shops located in Los Angeles area.

Address: 100 Citadel Drive, Los Angeles, CA  90040

You will find Citadel Outlet Mall sitting very visibly at interstate 5 in the City of Commerce. It is an impressive sight along the freeway. It is a few miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

The exterior of the mall was built to look like the Babylonian palace of King Sargon II. The unusual Babylonian and Assyrian architecture was dreamed up by the previous owner; a tire manufacturing company. The complex was built in 1929.

While the architectural design of the facade and exterior is eye-catching,  the shopping area itself is very new and modern with hundreds of name brand shops offering discounted items.

Within the complex is a Double Tree Hotel. The patrons of the hotel are mostly people visiting the area on business.








Shops include women’s apparel and accessories, men’s apparel and accessories, leather, housewares and furnishings, children’s apparel and toys, footwear, jewelry, beauty and health. For dining, most of the selections are typical mall fast food restaurants; Panda Express, Sbarro, Hotdog On A Stick, Starbucks, Subway and Ruby’s.

Food Court

The Citadel Outlet Mall is one of the biggest in Southern California. If you plan to shop at Citadel, plan ahead and spend a day at the mall. Parking is abundant, rest rooms are super clean. Overall it is a very nice shopping mall for discount items. You will not be disappointed.

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