Fleming’s Steakhouse is a formal attire restaurant which serves mainly steaks and seafood. They are located nationwide but they are based and founded in Southern California. with their first location in Newport Beach, California The restaurant chain was founded by Paul Fleming and Bill Allen. Paul Fleming was also a founder of P.F. Chang China Bistro.

For this review, me and friends dined at their downtown Los Angeles location. The restaurant is located at L.A. Live.


I ordered the double breast of chicken knowing chicken breast is dry when not properly done. The chicken is baked in a white wine with mushroom, shallot and thyme sauce. The chicken is properly done, not dry at all and it is well seasoned. I did not order soup or salad but had mashed potatoes as a side. The mashed potato is very good.

Comments from my companions are both positive and negative. The bisque soup of one is too watery, the steak of two are dry and tough, they ordered their steak medium-well. One with medium rare steak is very good and tender. The sides came in big portions which everybody shared; I like the mushroom the best.

We did not order dessert since we are celebrating a birthday which they gave us a chocolate cake which is big enough that we all we shared. The cake is okay.

One good thing at Fleming’s is the service. The waitress is very nice and attentive. Other staff are also very friendly, you can’t expect for more from their staff.

Overall, the restaurant is okay; not exceptionally good but not bad either. Considering that they are a high-end steak place, their food is just average;they need to improve the food. The only saving grace is service from the staff.

Their website is www.flemingssteakhouse.com