If you want to see a play with well-known film and television actors in their productions, the Geffen Playhouse is the theater to go.

The Geffen Playhouse (or simple the Geffen) is a non-profit performing arts theater in the Westwood district of Los Angeles. Westwood is where the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus is located.

The Geffen Playhouse was built in 1929 as a Masonic club for students and alumni at UCLA. It is one of the first 12 buildings built in Westwood Village. The building was sold in the 1970’s to the Combs family who restored it to its original design elements. In 1994, the Combs family donated the building to UCLA and named it Westwood Playhouse. It was renamed in 1995 after media mogul David Geffen donated a large amount of money, one of the largest philanthropic donations ever made to an already constructed theater. The new playhouse officially opened its doors in 1995.


The theater was renovated from 2003 – 2005 with a second stage, the Skirtball-Kenis. The theater offers 5 plays per season on the main stage and around 3-4 plays on the second stage. Some well-known actors in productions include: Martin Short, Brendan Fraser, Debbie Allen, Neil Patrick Harris, Carrie Fisher, Alicia Silverstone and Rita Wilson.

What to wear, Geffen Playhouse is your typical playhouse. It is not a coat and tie place;  business casual is more appropriate. Save the coat and tie for ballets and anything shown at the Dorothy Chandlier. This is LA, you can see people in jeans.

Their website is www.geffenplayhouse.com