India Sweet & Spices is a restaurant and store located at 3126 Los Feliz in Los Angeles. The store sells Indian goods such as Indian foodstuff, spices, henna,  herbal toothpaste. The restaurant features vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The restaurant set-up is similar to Chinese fast food restaurants where you choose your food from a display counter. I ordered the lunch combination which came with a  choice of white or yellow basmati rice, saag paneer, choley, vegetable samosa and chapati bread, yogurt soup and pickled cabbage. For drink, I oredered the mango lassi.

Saag is a spinach,  mustard or other greens leaf-based dish. It is cooked with spices. Saag made with spinach is called saag paneer and it contains cheese. It is also sometimes called palak paneer. The one I had is so spicy and it is quite delicious.

The choley on the other hand is quite spicy and hot. Choley is chick peas cooked in curry. It has some sauce in it but not very soupy. If you like hot and spicy food you should try choley.

Samosa is a stuffed pastry with a triangular shape. The stuffing is savory made with potatoes, onions, peas, coriander and lentils. It is fried until golden brown. Regular samosas contains ground meat like chicken or lamb. Samosa is served with a chutney.

The mango lassi is rich and very flavorful.

If you are vegetarian or vegan and love spicy Indian food, India Sweet & Spices is alright. It’s not bad for quick food to go or fast food.

They also have a selection of sweets sold by the pound. The store is not the best organized but they sell a lot of food items and spices from the sub-continent. They have a lot of vegetarian and vegan items.