Armstrong Garden Centers is a nursery based in Southern California. The nursery is well known for its roses and other ornamental plants, fruit trees, and outdoor furniture. Most of its stores are in Southern California and some in Northern California.

Armstrong Garden is not your typical big box nursery. Their prices are more expensive but they sell only quality plants and the service is exceptional. There’s always somebody to help and answer questions.

All the plants they sell are top quality. They guarantee that the plants they are selling will thrive, if not you can return it. They have very good selection of good healthy plants. You can tell their bedding plants are always fresh; there are no roots coming out at the bottom of containers. All plants and shrubs I have bought have thrive very well.

The choice for potted rose is quite many from hybrid teas, English rose, landscape rose , climbing rose and standards. The roses are potted so you know how the flowers look like and also have instant flowers instead of waiting a few months of flowers from bare root roses.


Pottery selections are extensive and they come in all sizes and shape. They are more expensive than big box stores but like their plants, the quality is also exceptional. The pots they have are something you will not find at big box retailers even at some smaller nurseries.










I have shopped at several of their nurseries and all of the stores are in top condition and very well maintained. I have yet to meet an employee that is not nice. All of them are nice, patient and ready to help. They have very solid customer service. Another service they offer is delivery.

Armstrong Garden is the best garden center in the Southland. best in merchandise and best in service.

Their website is