ArcLight Cinemas is a movie house with somewhat upgraded offerings compared to the usual movie house located in malls. I went to the Pasadena location located at Paseo Colorado mall.

Seating is assigned upon purchasing your ticket and you get to choose the location of your seat. You don’t have to rush to the auditorium to save your seat. In standard cinemas you have to get in early so you don’t have to seat in front. Tickets can be purchased online at no extra charge.

The seats are a little bit wider so it is more comfortable and the arm-rest is double-wide. Although the seats are wider, they don’t recline like in some standard cinemas. They claim their sound system exceeds the sound system of standard movie house but I did not notice this. Their picture and sound system are the same as the standard movie house. There’s a bar at the lobby where you can purchase alcoholic drinks and bring it inside. You can enjoy watching the movie while sipping your cocktail. Because of this, there are auditoriums where you have to be 21 to enter.

Late seating is not allowed so is use of cell phones when the screening has started.They have very limited trailers and no commercials; instead a staff gives a short review of the movie, the actors and who directed it.

While it is true that there are no commercials or trailers, wider seats and seating is assigned I have to fall in line to buy the ticket. With numerous screens they only have a few cashier stations. The price of the tickets is more expensive than standard cinemas they should add more cashiers. The one in the Hollywood at Sunset Blvd is even worst.

The extra money they charge is not worth it. Parking is not even free.

Their website is