Writing a review for an airport is not common, it seems odd but I would like to share my very good experience with Ontario International Airport.


Ontario International Airport is a medium-sized airport approximately 35 miles east of Los Angeles. It is located in the Inland Empire servicing Riverside, San Bernardino Counties and portions of north Orange County and east Los Angeles County. It is a full-service airport with service to major U.S. cities and many international destinations.










I have used the other airports in Southern California like Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) but I like using Ontario International. I flew to the Bay Area thru Ontario International and landed at Oakland International Airport. I arrived at Ontario 40 minutes before the flight and still made it. Parked my car across the departure terminal; the parking lot is a 5 minute walk to the terminals There was a line before the security screening area but the line moved quickly.

The airport building is very clean, organized and airy but there are not many options for dining.

I could not say the same for Oakland Airport. The car rental lot is off site and took me an hour and 30 minutes to get there using the shuttle bus. Have to wait for the 3rd shuttle bus, it is not very organized.

Except for travelling internationally where LAX is necessary, I would use Ontario International Airport anytime. I like this low-key airport, it is hassle-free. It is a great alternative to LAX.


The website is www.ontarion-airport.com.