Taco Luv in Paramount is a new restaurant offering Mexican food specializing in tacos and burritos. But this is not your corner taco stand. They use fresh and healthy ingredients and your taco is made as you order.

The décor is also not usual Mexican restaurant or taco place. The walls are painted in deep and bold colors like deep green and deep orange; artworks with 1960’s hippie and peace theme are hanged on the walls. The tables and chairs are stained dark. Overall the ambiance is very modern and conducive to dining.

For my food I ordered 3 pieces of taco. They use whole wheat tortilla and have a choice of meat: carne asada (skirt steak), pulled pork, grilled chicken breast, fried shrimp, fried tofu and veggies (peppers, onions, zucchini and yellow squash). I choose the carne asada and added rice and black beans.

I choose the mild red salsa on the side for topping which is okay but not comparable to the salsa at El Pollo Loco.

While the food is healthy, it didn’t taste like an authentic taco. For one, fried tofu is not Mexican at all. Using King Taco as the standard, Taco Luv taste did not come close to Taco King. The rice is not cooked Mexican style (tomato sauce is not added).

The lunch special also came with lentil soup which is well seasoned but the lentils are a bit al dente.

While their approach is fresh and healthy, they could use some spices to liven the food. I have not tasted the Mexican taste in the food.

Address: 7906 Alondra Boulevard, Paramount, CA  90723

Their website is www.TacoLuv.com