Red Ribbon Bake Shop is a bakeshop with roots from the Philippines. They offer conventional cakes, Filipino baked goods, pastries and light Filipino dishes. Most of their bake shops are located in Southern, Northern California and some states where there are large Filipino communities.


The bake shop was started in the Philippines by a homemaker. She started it as a hobby, shared her baked goods to her friends, extended family and eventually became a business. The first USA store was opened in West Covina, CA and now numbers almost 40 and still growing.

I visited their Glendale shop to sample their cakes and light Filipino meals. The shop is very clean, bright` and organized which is typical of chain restaurants.  I ordered a combination of pancit palabok noodles and arroz caldo and a side of empanada.

Pancit Palabok


Pancit palabok is a noodle dish with an orange colored sauce. The sauce is made with garlic, pork and flakes or smoked fish. Annatto is used to get the orange color. The noodle is angel hair thin and made with rice. Red Ribbon’s palabok  is really tasty, savory and well seasoned. It is topped with sliced hardboiled egg and scallions.




Arroz Caldo

Arroz caldo is the Filipino version of the Asian congee and Italian risotto. It literally translates to “hot rice”. It is made with sticky rice, chicken and chicken broth, seasoned with garlic, ginger, onions and fish sauce. Chopped green onion is used as garnishing and lemon juice is added before eating. Red Ribbon’s arroz caldo is okey, nothing special. It is savory in fact too savory and they use processed lime juice in a pouch like the ones used for soy sauce in most Chinese fast food. They could have used real slices of lime.





The empanada is savory and good although the chicken filling is almost dry. The pie crust is not flaky like they claim. It is more like baked bread, not flaky at all.





Next time I’ll try their cakes and bakery items. Overall some of their food is worth going back to.

Their website is