Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California is one of the regional airports worth flying in or out of Southern California. The airport is named after the late comedian and Hollywood institution and icon Bob Hope.


The airport serves mainly Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, the San Fernando Valley and Pasadena. It is a very good alternative to the huge and crowded Los Angeles International Airport, LAX.


It is very convenient if you are visiting the tourist spots in the Southland. It is very close to Disneyland, Hollywood, the film studios (Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers Studious, etc), the Rose Bowl, downtown LA, Dodger Stadium and Griffith Park to name a few.



I used this airport when I flew to Las Vegas during the Labor Day. The airport is crowded and busy but checking in is a breeze. There was a line for security but it the line really moved very fast. The security staff is very nice and helpful too unlike the security staff of most airports. They are fast and efficient.


As it is a small regional airport, the cost is slightly higher and there are fewer flights to select from. Most of the flights out of Bob Hope are for shorter distance destinations. You need to have connecting flights if you are flying to more distant destinations. The building is also older and you have to walk on the tarmac to board the plane.

I have flown to and from different airports and Bob Hope is one of my favorite. It is definitely the best airport around Los Angeles. It is friendly, convenient and stress-free. It cost a little bit more but the slightly higher cost is worth it. There are more advantages than disadvantages.




The airport website is


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