I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in San Diego and went to this Vietnamese restaurant in Chula Vista called Pho Hiep & Grill. It is a family owned restaurant with 2 location; the other location is in Linda Vista. They offer authentic Vietnamese cuisine including pho (soup), bun (vermicelli noodles), and com (broken rice dishes).


We started with the cha gio for appetizer. It is the Vietnamese version of the egg roll. It is a crispy roll with filling wrapped in rice wrapper then deep fried. The filling is made with ground pork, glass noodles, carrots and mushroom. It is served with a side of vinaigrette fish sauce. Cha Gio is eaten by wrapping the rolls with fresh lettuce and mint herbs. This is the best Vietnamese egg roll I ever had. It is crispy and savory.



For the entrée, I had the grilled chicken which is served in a bed of white rice. The chicken is marinated and grilled in open flame. The chicken is tender but it needs some seasoning. The dish came with slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and pickled carrots and daikon and a side of small cup of soup. The soup is alright so with the pickled carrots and daikon. Overall the dish is alright.


I had the boba for drinks which is also good. The tapioca balls are so good and tender.

The service is exceptional so is the décor. The décor is modern and hip with Asian touches. It is the typical Vietnamese restaurant in a strip mall. Food price is also reasonable.

Pho Hiep & Grill is a great place to have a taste of Vietnamese cuisine and worth going back to.

The Chula Vista location is at 539 Telegraph Canyon Road, Chula Vista, CA 91910.

Their website is www.phohiepgrill.com.