Sergio’s Tacos is a small chain of Mexican restaurant offering traditional Mexican food and drinks like tacos, burritos, sopes and horchata.


I visited the one located in Commerce. The place is small with a few tables (I counted six), nothing fancy a hole on wall type of restaurant. I visited at about 3:00 PM so the place is not very crowded. The place is always crowded during lunch and dinner time every time I pass by.


I ordered 3 sopes and  horchata to drink. A sope is a traditional Mexican dish that originated in the city of Culiacan. Sope is also sometimes called gordita. The base is a thick tortilla made of fried masa (a dough made of ground corn soaked in lime). It is topped with refried beans and crumbled cheese, shredded cabbage, meat and sour cream.




I ordered carne asada for the meat which is very tender, juicy and very well seasoned. The sope is really good and it is worth going back to. The shredded cabbage is fresh and crunchy; the refried beans is good as well.





Horchata is a tan and “milky” drink made of rice with vanilla flavoring and cinnamon. Rice is grounded until smooth, mixed with water, sugar, small amount of lime, and cinnamon stick are added. The mixture is made to rest overnight and filtered afterwards.


Sergios’ horchata is rich, not overly sweet with the cinnamon and vanilla flavors blending very well.


The only unfavorable comment I can say is the service. The order was taken by one of the cooks and he is not very friendly. Otherwise Sergio’s Tacos is one of the best place in Los Angeles for Mexican antojitos.


The Commerce location is located at 2216 South Atlantiv Blvd., Commerce, CA. Take the Atlantic exit on the I-5.