Reviewed by Bobby C.

The city of Long Beach is one of the biggest cities in Los Angeles County.  Along the San Gabriel River and the 605 Freeway is El Dorado Nature Center; a 105 acres park that provides sanctuary for animals and plants. Long Beach is lucky to have El Dorado.

The sanctuary has a stream, forested areas and a trail. The trail is perfect for beginners and very good for a leisurely walk there are benches along the trail where you can relax. The trail is shaded with lots of trees and it is perfect for hiking. It is level which is good for walking but there are also inclined spots. There are two dirt trails; a one mile trail and a two mile trail. The other trail is a one mile cemented trail.


The Lake

The park is a good place to watch birds, small animals like rabbits and squirrels, and fish, ducks and turtles in the lake. It has expansive open fields with blooming plants.



The center is a good area to escape the hustle and bustle of Long Beach. It is a nice piece of nature tucked away in the middle of the urban jungle, a nice place to enjoy the pleasures of nature around you.



El Dorado is open the whole week except Mondays and holidays. There’s a modest parking fee for vehicles. Unfortunately pets are not allowed in the park.


The website is


The entrance is located at 7550 E. Spring St., Long Beach, CA  90815.



Open Field