Fatburger is another burger chain that started and based in Southern California. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1947 and is now headquartered in Beverly Hills. The chain uses the slogan “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”. 

Fatburger is known as the “other” famous burger chain in Southern California.


The chain has locations in several states and also abroad: Canada, China, Indonesia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan and Macau.


Several celebrities and hip-hop music moguls have bought into the chain. Magic Johnson, Montel Williams, Queen Latifah were at some point partnered with the chain. It is mentioned in several hit songs like “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube and “Late Night” by Tupac Shakur and DJ Quik.


While it is a fast food chain, they only use fresh ingredients and the food is cooked only after they are ordered. Their hamburgers come in several sizes; small, medium, large, xxlarge and xxxlarge. They also have chicken and turkey burgers.




Besides hamburgers/sandwiches, they also offer hot dogs, chicken strips and salad. The fries come in skinny and fat sizes. Besides fries for sides they also have onion rings, chili, bacon & egg sandwich and sausage and egg sandwich.


For this review I visited the Long Beach location. Their décor is 50’s/60’s motif. The restaurant is generally clean and the staff is very friendly.

I ordered the large size hamburger which came with meat patty, chopped lettuce, tomato slices and chopped pickles. The meat is juicy and savory, the lettuce is fresh and crispy. You can tell Fatburger uses fresh ingredients; the hamburger is a gourmet hamburger.

Although the hamburger is very good, the fat fries are not at par with McDonalds’. The fries are limp and almost dry.

Their website is www.fatburger.com