The Antique Row in Pomona is a great place to go antiquing. There are a lot of antique shops in several blocks and so aptly named “Antique Row”.


Antique Row is located at 2nd Street between Garey and Gibbs Avenue. The area is part of old downtown Pomona and it is a great little getaway from other more crowded antique shops in the larger towns in Southern California.


The shops line both sides of the street with restaurants and eateries interspersed. Some of the shops are empty but you can tell the city of Pomona is trying to revitalize the area.

Pomona Antique Row is not crowded; after all antiquing is not for everybody. Finding a parking space is not hard at all.


This place is a hidden gem. There are a lot of antique shops for every type of person; you need at least 3 to 4 hours to browse all the shops. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money there are great spots for window shopping. It is a great place for getting an education on antiques. There is a Chinese Antique shop, several shops for “everyday items”, and a toy and collectible shop. There is even a shop for military and army supplies. The shops on the south side of the strip are dedicated to toys and books.


There are numerous stores for furniture and they have very good selections with very competitive prices. All the shop owners are very friendly.

The Robbins Antique Mart in particular is a great spot for shopping. It has three levels; the basement is for furniture, the middle ground level is for knick knacks where you will find good vintage custom jewelries. The second floor is for vintage clothing and more antique and vintage furniture.

If you love antiques, Pomona Antique Row is the place to be.

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