This is the place you go to when you’re craving good Mexican food in a sophisticated sit-down environment


Serving authentic Mexican dishes, this restaurant is sophisticated and trendy. It serves familiar ethnic cuisine with finesse in a sophisticated environment. The interior is groovy Mexican, hip and sophisticated: a piñata and the walls are painted with bright, terra cotta and bold colors. Modern Mexican murals are painted on the terra cotta colored walls. The Dia de los Muertos decoration adds interest; this is not a typical décor for a restaurant.


When you think of Mexican food and cuisine in Los Angeles, the most common entrees you would think of are tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajita, guacamole, etc.  Most of which you will find on the Mexican City menu as well. There is also a good selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes, including shrimp in garlic sauce and spinach enchiladas. Appetizer includes corn tamales, ceviche de camarones and gorditas .


Like most Mexican restaurants, they serve chips and salsa as soon as you are seated. The chips are very good and the salsa comes in red and green. They have a full bar and serves margaritas. The red salsa must be the best red salsa I have tasted.

For the entrée’ I had the chicken pibil. Traditionally, this dish involves marinating pork or chicken in the juice of Seville or bitter oranges, coloring it with achiote (annatto seed), wrapping it in a banana leaf, and then slowly roasting it over hot stones underground. Such preparation is thus well-summarized by the descriptive Mayan name “cochinita pibil” which basically means “baby pig roasted under the ground”. Since bitter oranges are not always available, lemon or lime juice can be combined with orange juice to achieve the same results. A pickled onion-habanero salsa is the vital condiment that must be served with the dish.

The dish came with rice and black beans. There is nothing extra ordinary with the dish, other than the sauce, the chicken is almost dry.

We ordered a flan for desert which we shared. It is quite good, not so sweet with a hint of cheesecake taste.

If you want authentic, good, honest Mexican food, then go to Mexico City. The red and green salsa that comes with the comp chips is to die for. The only negative thing on this place is the noise and somewhat slow service.


Their website is They are located at 2121 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027. The area is in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles.