Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills

Fogo De Chao is an “eat all you can” Brazilian steakhouse offering barbecued meats cooked the Gaucho way. The story of Fogo de Chão® began in the mountainous countryside of Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil, where its founders were born.


An important element of this culture is churrasco, the Gaucho way of roasting meats over pits of open fire for delicious barbecues, which is always present at every festive occasion, especially family gatherings in Brazil.


Churrascaria is a typical Brazilian experience. Churrascaria is Portuguese word which translates as barbecue and refers to a unique style of service where experienced Churrasqueiros (waiters) pass from table to table slicing different cuts of meat from skewers onto your plate: lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, pork. The meat is served with typical Brazilian side dishes.

Fogo De Chao is a chain restaurant with locations all over the US and some overseas.

We went for dinner at Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills to celebrate a birthday. They start you with the “eat all you can” salad bar. The salad bar has so many selections: cheese, vegetables and cold cut meats.


After the salad bar is the entrée where the Churrasqueiros (waiters) go around with the selections of barbecued meat skewered in metal skewers.  Each is given a small placard, one side is colored green if you want some meat and the other side colored red if you don’t want any food.


The food and service at Fogo de Chao is exceptional but the place is super busy. The meats are really good; well seasoned, tender and juicy (I am sure it was marinated in salt water). Reservations are recommended if you don’t want to wait.


They are located at 133 North La Cienega, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 and their website is


Green for “Yes”

Red for “No”