Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest and premier trade show for the natural, organic and healthy products industry since 1981. The expo hosts natural and specialty foods, organic, supplements, health and beauty, natural living and pet products.


Expo West is the best place to learn about new products about natural and organic products. It is also the best place to learn about new trends effecting the industry and concepts to make these niche businesses stronger.


The Expo is also a place for specialty diet shoppers, the last thing they want to feel is excluded. There are a lot of selections for allergen-free, gluten-free, raw and paleo shoppers.


Although it is called Natural Products Expo, majority of the products are food items. I had no idea how many vegetarian and vegan options there were until I attended this expo. You don’t need to pack a lunch when attending; sampling the countless drinks, snacks, appetizers, entrees and desserts will fill you up.

There are a lot of exhibitors giving out freebie samples. The samples include every imaginable soy product, organic foods, pet products and even cosmetics. I know of some visitors take several trips back to their cars to drop-off their “spoils”. The Expo takes place on a Friday thru Sunday; Sunday is the best time to attend if you are into freebies as exhibitors don’t want to carry back stuff and just give the freebies away.


If you are into reusable bags, the Expo is literally throwing them away. A lady I used to work with collects them.


I have attended trade shows before but this is the best among them; this is my 6th year to attend the expo and I always look forward to it every year.


The expo is always held at the Anaheim Convention Center which is a neighbor of Disneyland.