Tierra Mia Coffee is a coffee shop based in Los Angeles offering Latin-inspired coffee, beverages and pastries.

Their shop designs are contemporary and reflective of the Latin American culture; comfortable using shades of creamy white, light brown to deep espresso colors.

They roast their own coffee and handcraft their artisan beverages featuring art work on their lattes. They buy micro lot coffee which is often more expensive than fair trade prices. This allows the farmers whom they buy their coffee beans to earn higher incomes.

Besides coffee, they also offer original drinks with South American flavors like Mocha Mexicano, Horchata Latte, Cubano con Leche, Coco Loco Latte, and Horchata Frappe. They also offer muffins and pastries which are baked fresh daily.

I ordered the Coco Loco Latte which is a latte with coconut flavor. It is foamy and taste creamy and decadent with a heavy coconut flavor. It is served in a wide coffee mug with the milk added in art form.  They use real mug, plate and fork.

Coco Loco Latte

With the latte I also ordered Tres Leches muffin. The muffin is not overly sweet. Tres Leches is a South American flavor which is made with a combination of several types of milk: whole milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream. The muffin is very moist because of the tres leches syrup and also very decadent.

Tierra Mia’s coffee shops are located in Downtown Los Angeles and several shops in East Los Angeles where there is a heavy concentration of Latinos.

Dead Palm Plant

The only thing that baffles me is the use of dead and brown palm plant as a decor. The dead palm plant is in a pot which indicates they have not taken cared of the plant. They could have thrown away the dead plant.

Compared to other coffee shops such as Starbucks, Tierra Mia Coffee is a much better place to get your coffee, latte, baked products and pastries.

Their website is www.tierramiacoffee.com.